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Michael A. Swisher, Web Developer

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Portfolio: Sample App

  • Just showing some *basic* skills for prospective Clients or Employers
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This Example App is a Ranking System

  • The goal is arrange a set of images from Most Favorite to Least Favorite and submit your vote
  • There are two Image Sets, one of Headshots of the author (courtesy Steve Hostetler Photography), and the other some common Super Heroes
  • There are several different Client Apps, each using a different framework, which all consume the same API
  • You can interact with each Client App using the links at the top of this page
  • Each Client App has a link to it's respective GitHub repository where you can get the source code
  • You can select and view the Voting results below

Available for Hire! Full Time and/or Contract Work

phone: (303) 669-4118

Flowchart Diagram

Charting the Results

Image Set:

  • You can switch between Image Sets (Headshots and Heroes)
  • The values charted are the percentage of vote values each image received compared to the total vote values cast.
  • The logic for each image is (grand_total - image_total)*100)/grand_total where grand_total is the sum of all ranking for all images and the image_total is the sum of all ranking for just that image
  • The rankings are simply the indices of the images in a given vote array