Michael A. Swisher, Web Developer


Letters of Reference

  • Here are some letters that a few of my Clients were kind enough to write
  • There are both Professional and Personal References

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ABM Shuttle (https://www.abm.com/industries/aviation/airports/)

Letter from Mr. Clay Mingues

  • ABM is one of my oldest clients. I have worked with Clay for over 15 years, providing a wide range of IT services. Perhaps most notably, I created their Content Management System (RouteManager) that they use for tracking and managing the shuttle buses that move people from the terminal to the parking lots and back at Denver International Airport.

Nordic Analytical Laboratories (https://www.nordicanalytic.com/)

Letter from Mrs. Lisha Baurkot

  • I started working with Nordic Analytic, building their LIMS system, back in 2015. It has gone through 2 major revisions since then, processing over 250,000 samples. Lisha provides the requirements and restrictions, and I create the system (LIMS) that drives their business. Lisha is awesome to work with!

CompassData (https://www.compassdatainc.com/)

Letter from Mr. Spencer Holliday

  • I have worked with CompassData for many years helping them manage business data and their Geospatial data. Spencer was the lead on our last project; my part was creating the system to create and manage the .kmz packages for their 60,000+ archive of Ground Control Data points.

Mark Walker

Letter from Mr. Mark Walker

  • Mark and I worked together for several years when he was the Marketing Director for USAirport Parking. I developed the web-based management solutions for Reservations, Pre-paid parking, Customer Feedback and more that they used at the time.

Mike Beck

Letter from Mr. Mike Beck

  • Mike Beck is a good friend of mine, and an outstanding IT professional. I rarely see the level of innate talent he has. I started working with him when he was younger, and as much as I may have helped him, he has helped me more! A good man and a good IT guy.