Michael A. Swisher, Web Developer


Questions for Interviewer

  • Typically, during interviews, the interviewer will ask me if I have any questions or comments
  • So, for your perusal, here are 20 questions/comments I might have, in no particular order

Available for Hire! Full Time and/or Contract Work

email: mike@swishersolutions.com
phone: (303) 669-4118

  1. Is there a mobile App? If not, do you want one?
  2. What language is the backend? What DBMS (Database) does the sytem use?
  3. What OS do your servers run (Linux, Windows, or other)? What stack (LAMP, LEMP, WIMP, WAMP, MEAN, MERN, etc)?
  4. I am a Fullstack WebDev and all-around IT guy, including Dev Ops and IT support.
    • "Jack of All Trades, Master of None... is oft'times better than a Master of One"
  5. How is versioning handled? Git, or other? Are there Dev, QA and Prod Environments?
  6. Who would be my direct report-to?
  7. Would I be outside the group as a third party dev, or a more of an integral team member? (Either way is ok)
  8. How many active Users currently?
  9. Where/how is hosting accomplished? AWS? Azure? Other?
  10. Is there support from the author(s) of the current system? Or is it "here ya go, figure it out, and good luck!"? (once again, either way is cool!)
  11. Do you have all .ssh keys, passwords, etc?
  12. What documentation exists on the system? Technical (dev) or User.
  13. What remote communications tools do you use? Slack, Google Docs, etc.
  14. How many employees/partners/team members?
  15. What sort of Project Management process is in place? Is there a dedicated Project Manager (JIRA guru and planner type of person)?
  16. How is testing handled?
  17. How is rollout to Development, QA, and (more importanty) Production environments handled?
    • Do you have any managed deployment pipelines or other automated procedures?
  18. I am seeking a permanent REMOTE position, even after the pandemic.
  19. What hardware does the team use? Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, et al.
  20. Salary? W-2 or 1099? Benefits? Flex-time/Vacation/Sick Days/Personal Days? Profit Sharing, bonuses, other perks/compensation?